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Master Courses/Projects


  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (Matlab and Python)
  • Digital Image Processing (Matlab and Python)
  • Random Processes
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Physical Design Automation VLSI
  • Advanced Programming Techniques (C++, OpenGL)
  • Computational Aesthetics
  • Management Technology


Brain Tumor Classifier

For Digital Image Processing we developed a brain tumor detection algorithm. The solution utilized different noise removal techniques including wavelet based, non-local methods and anisotropic diffusion. The project was developed using pytorch deep neural network. The video for our project is available on youtube at link

Research on Mixture of Experts ML Technique

For statistical machine learning a research project on utilizing MoE for Natural Language Processing was done using research papers Attention is all you need and Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners.

Color Generator

Using LAB Color space, generate a complimentary color to two colors given by the user. The color is tailored to four modes (1) as background (2) as a compliment (3) as a contrast and (4) as their average. All calculations need to be equivalent to human perception in colors, which does not correlate to RGB.