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Undergraduate Projects

Here is a selective list of undergraduate projects done at NUST.

Real Time Adaptive Audio Filter

FIR Based Audio filter developed on FPGA system. Developed for tuning the audio based on user input, for adding real time filters.

Two Wheeled Self Balancing Robot

A self balancing robot with two wheels was developed using arduino controller. With obstacle avoidance capability using ultrasonic sensors and camera feedback to a java based GUI for the user. The robot had an inbuilt balancing module which help in more stable turns and speed management.

Surveillance Sensor Mesh Network

A security sensor mesh was developed for use within the university premises. With XBee based communication the ATmega modules were able to communicate with each other to send information of a breech back to a main computer.

3D Model Generation using Google height map

Google height maps were used to develop a 3D model in OpenGL with artifact removal.

Color Detector

Using RGB LEDs and Photo resistors a color detector was developed with PIC uController.