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I am a Ph.D. student in GrUVi lab at Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Prof. Hao (Richard) Zhang and Prof. Ali Mahdavi Amiri with research in Computer Vision/Graphics. I am currently interested in creative and artistic generation using AI in the visual and imaging domain. Details in CV.

Research and Projects

DS-Fusion: Artistic Typography via Discriminated and Stylized Diffusion. This is a novel method to automatically generate artistic typography by stylizing one or more letter fonts to visually convey the semantics of an input word while ensuring that the output remains readable. Please check out the website for the paper, extra results, and demo. DS-Fusion is accepted in ICCV 2023.

Master Thesis: I received an MSc from Georgia Institute of Technology in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a focus on Digital Signal Processing. My thesis was “Utilizing I-Vectors to classify fault sounds in machinery using ToyADMOS data set”.

Bachelor Thesis: I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of SPL RoboCup for Team Pakistan [RoboCup] where I worked with robotic modeling and inverse kinematics for a stable kick motion. My undergraduate covered areas of Signal Processing and Hardware Development.

Industry Experience: I have worked as a Software Engineer at Sedenius Technologies as a backend C++ developer and at RWR Technologies as a Hardware Engineer developing Signal Processing algorithms on FGPA (Verilog) and DSP Kits.